Husband Journal Mini Set
Husband Journal Mini Set
Husband Journal Mini Set

Husband Journal Mini Set

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Husband Journal Prompt Card Set

Detailed instructions on how to write effectively in your Husband Journal for those who are believing to be married ♥️

6 Prompts that will encourage and inspire you as you live out the will of God and prepare to be come a wife 🥰

Your husband will find you in the place God has prepared for you.

This set also includes:

A Private Prayer Video just for you my love

Your Husband Journal is a space for you to go to spend time with God, as you wait for your husband to find you.

Mini Husband Journal

This journal is a place for you to go be with God and cover your husband. It helps keep you stay out of meaningless relationships, stay accountable, and remember your why while waiting to be found.

When I started writing in my husband journal, I decided that this journal was going to be my gift to my husband on our wedding day.

  • Hardcover and perfect-bound pages.
  • White, lined notebook paper.
  • Elastic closure strap and a ribbon bookmark.
  • Perfect for mini purses

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